Serving customers from Eastern Nebraska to Western Iowa.

Lacey Construction, Inc. was incorporated in Nebraska in February 2001 by Chuck L. Lacey Jr. and Kari Lynn Lacey. Chuck serves as the corporate President and his wife Kari serves as the secretary and treasurer. The firm’s mission is to provide commercial construction services in eastern Nebraska and western Iowa.

Lacey Construction was always an end goal for Chuck. He grew up working for Wahoo Concrete Products, a company founded by his grandfather Robert Beaman. His professional aspirations were also influenced by Mike Collins of ME Collins contracting. Chuck attended the University of Nebraska at Kearney and graduated with a degree in Construction Management.

The first year, projects were completed in Wahoo, Omaha and rural Butler County. Chuck wore many hats in the early days, taking on the role of project manager, cost estimator and business development lead. The last 16 years has seen much tremendous growth. Lacey, Inc. has worked in several local communities, from the cities of Lincoln, Omaha and Council Bluffs to smaller towns like Deshler, Herman, Treynor, and York. Lacey Construction has completed projects utilizing the design and build process, along with acting as a general contractor in the process and representing clients as a construction manager. Projects range from as small as a new roof for the local veterinary clinic, to urban condominium restoration in downtown Omaha. From conventional wood-framed libraries like Deshler, to larger, industrial facilities as seen in the Omaha Steel Castings facility in Wahoo.

Looking ahead, Lacey Construction will continue to provide quality commercial construction services to the greater Nebraska and Iowa area. This will be made possible by selecting the brightest and most energetic talent to join our team, and providing them the opportunities to shine for our clients.

our team

Chuck Lacey Jr.


Chuck attended the University of Nebraska at Kearney and graduated with a degree in Construction Management in 1994. In 2001, he founded Lacey Construction, Inc. where he now serves as the corporate president.

Tobin Spangler

Pre-Project Leader

A 2013 graduate from the University of Nebraska at Omaha, Tobin brings experience in both construction and sales to Lacey Construction, Inc., where he has taken on the roles of estimating, marketing, and sales.

Jeff Schmidt

Project Leader

Jeff is a veteran of the United States Air Force and has a civil engineering degree from Metropolitan Community College. Jeff has vast experience in all phases of the commercial building industry from initial project estimating through complex project management. Jeff is a senior project manager and is responsible for multiple Lacey Construction, Inc. projects.

Jason Schmidt

Project Leader

Jason came to Lacey Construction, Inc. in 2014. He has experience in the residential construction, retail, financial and human resources sectors of industry. Jason has used these experiences to become a project manager and is responsible for on-site leadership on Lacey Construction, Inc. projects.

Aaron Hunter

Project Leader

Aaron earned a bachelor’s degree from Northwestern College and an associates degree in construction management from Metropolitan Community College. Aaron has experience in all phases of commercial construction and is utilizing his experiences as a project manager for Lacey Construction, Inc.

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